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Are You a Fit for Cubicle Escape Club?

All hybrid entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs with 9 to 5's) don’t transition into full-time entrepreneurship.  Research shows that only hybrid entrepreneurs with specific characteristics and motivators actually escape their cubicle and run full-time businesses.  We call these folks escape artists, and our Cubicle Escape Club is designed specifically for them.  

Escape Artists have the following characteristics: 

  1. They are already generating monthly business revenue equivalent to 25% of their monthly salary. 

  2. They have expert knowledge in the industry of their venture and/or their business is in a similar industry as their job.

  3. They are looking to transition out of their job within the next year and highly motivated to do so.

  4. They are highly motivated to not only run their business full-time, but to have a highly successful venture. 

  5. They are confident and have already made significant financial and time investments in their business and their own entrepreneurial development (i.e. been operating business for a year, paid for coaching or a class, purchased key business resources).

If you don't meet all five conditions, Cubicle Escape Club will not be the best investment of your time and money and we highly recommend that you don't move forward.


 If you do meet all five conditions we invite you to move forward and sign up.