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A Full Platform to Guide You To Freedom

This isn't an online course or masterclass.   Cubicle Escape Club is a full platform that  provides you with actionable steps to guide you toward generating full-time revenue from your business and leaving your job in 12 months.  You'll be given specific deliverables each week to push you toward your goals.  You'll also be provided with proprietary business planning tools to create new revenue streams, optimize your operations, and fine-tune your customer acquisition strategy to create predictable revenue.    Our platform guides through 4 major miles stones, 1) committing to a resignation date, identifying financial goals and creating a realistic action plan, optimizing your business for growth, and generating enough revenue to pay yourself your current salary by your resigntation date.   

Cubicle Escape Process Graphic.png

A Step by Step Blueprint 

Do you want to leave your job in 12 or 18 months? Pick the timeline that works best for you. You  get detailed  action items a week to execute each week that move you toward growing your revenue and leaving your job. 

Coaching & Accountability

Join weekly group coaching sessions with other escape artists to learn, exchange ideas, and share challenges and success.  Also get specific answers issues about your business using the Escape Coach Feature. 

Planning Tools

Use our proprietary planning tools and calculators to identify  your financial goals, optimize your operations, tighten up your sales strategy, and iterate new revenue streams.