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Tell Your 9 to 5 Adios...

Cubicle Escape Club helps full-time employees become full-time entrepreneurs. Our inaugural cohort launches in May 2021. 

 An Accelerator Designed Specifically for Business Owners with Full-Time Jobs

Hybrid Entrepreneurs (business owners with jobs) have unique challenges.   Family demands.  Employee/Entrepreneur balance. The fear of the unknown and the high switching costs (loss of health insurance and fringe benefits) associated with going from a salaried job to full-time entrepreneurship makes you hesitant to leap. You know you need help and may have tried hiring a business coach or going to a community-based entrepreneurship program. However, you're still no closer to leaving your job and running your business full-time

Cubicle Escape Club is different because it's designed explicitly for hybrid entrepreneurs. Our program merges the latest research on hybrid entrepreneurship and best practices in business growth strategy to help our clients achieve their dream of leaving their job.  We'll help you set a time-bound plan to quit your job and develop a plan to increase your business revenue.  You'll also learn how to manage the psychological challenges associated with making the transition to full-time entrepreneurship.  

Business Meeting

Jason William Johnson, Ph.D(c)

Principal Instructor


Jason William Johnson is a serial founder, entrepreneurship center director, university professor, nationally recognized thought leader, and innovation ecosystem catalyst.   

He's a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership,  currently runs the Chicago Urban League Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and teaches Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Organizational Development at Illinois Institute of Technology. Before Cubicle Escape Club, Jason co-founded Konveau, an app that used personality compatibility to connect at networking events.   He's also been featured as an entrepreneur, contributor, or subject matter expert in publications such  Forbes, Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation, AmericanInno, CBS Chicago, and NPR.

Jason was inspired to create Cubicle Escape Club based on his experience launching his first business.  He quit his job abruptly and spent two years struggling before making his venture profitable.   He used this experience, his experience helping hundreds of entrepreneurs as a business support professional, and his research into hybrid entrepreneurship during his doctoral studies to create this program to support hybrid entrepreneurs.   


What PRevious clients say About Jason

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Dr. Sheehan Fisher 

 Founder & CEO, Dovetail Experience

"Jason is an outstanding mentor who had provided coaching on how to improve my vacation photography business, Dovetail Experience. My company started as solely business-to-customer, but Jason helped me understand the limitations of my approach and how to improve the efficiency of my business by creating a unique business-to-business model. He is great at analyzing the key problem areas of your business, providing guidance on how to address your target audience, and developing a solid business plan."

Program Structure


12 Live Instruction Sessions

During the first 3 months of the program, live training sessions will be held each week.   Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Business Growth Strategy

  • Customer Avatar Refinement

  • Customer Acquisition 

  • Operations

  • New Offering Development

  • Business Finance

  • Leadership and Management



Business Consultation


Program participants will receive 12 one-on-one coaching sessions to hold them accountable and help them resolve business challenges.  Participants can also ask questions using the platform's on-demand coaching system and direct messaging. 

Similing Team


Share challenges and successes in the Cubicle Escape Club Community. Pose questions to peers and instructors to get questions answered.    

Program Benefits

Grow Your Business

This  isn't a theoretical MBA course.  Through live instruction, you'll learn practical frameworks and skills that you'll immediately be able to put to action to move you from employee to full-time business owner.

Manage Your Time 

Working  AND running a venture is challenging. You'll learn strategies based on the latest academic research in leadership & hybrid entrepreneurship for crushing it at work without sacrificing your business's growth potential. You'll also set a resignation date.

 A Foot in Your $%#

We push you to action.  You'll create an action plan,  receive deliverables that drive you toward your goals, and set a date to leave your job. We'll also hold you accountable.   After all, your success is our success. 


You'll receive one-on-one coaching. Got a question?  Get on-demand coaching using the platform's Q&A system or learn and gain support from your peers. 


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Apply for Our Inaugural


Application Deadline April 15, 2021 at 11:59pm. Late applications will not be considered. 

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This program is designed for hybrid entrepreneurs with EXISTING businesses.  This is not a startup program.   We will be accepting up to 20 participants for our inaugural cohort.  Selection is highly competitive.   The selection process consists of three stages: 

1.  Initial program application

2.  A face-to-face interview via zoom. 

3.   Cohort selction by our advisory committee.